Coetzee Safety was established as a sole proprietary, a consulting orientated company focusing on providing
specialist safety consultancy services to the Construction and small to medium size Manufacturing Industries.

As consultants we act in the interest of both the employer and the employee. This is carried out through a holistic
approach ensuring that Health & Safety becomes an integral part of the client's organizational structure and
business priorities.

We at Coetzee Safety Consultants don’t believe in just swamping you with complex documentation and legal
jargon, our approach is to “Keep Safety Simple”, which is achieved through easy to use task specific systems,
continual safety training and ongoing support.

Coetzee Safety Consultants want to ensure that your company complies with all of the legal and statutory
requirements with regards to the Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations. Be it by aiding with the
Health & Safety documentation and /or advising you of onsite requirements and providing “tailor made solutions”
for your Health & Safety concerns.

Our main focus is directed at compliance with the minimum legal requirement of the Occupational
Health & Safety Act, and the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, and safety specifications
set by the client/principle contractor. This is done in the most economical way possible, making safety not only
meaningful but also viable and affordable to our clients.


Our vision is to become the benchmark for Health, Safety and Environmental Professionals
within the sector, taking the quality of HSE consulting to the next level.

To provide a professional and comprehensive service, in line with national and international
standards and act proactively enabling clients to manage workplace risk efficiently.

To strive to ensure all professionals in the industry including developers, architects, quantity
surveyors, principal contractors and contractors understand their responsibility and assist
them in achieving the Occupational Health & Safety requirements as set out by legislation.